Monday, April 7, 2014

Blogger Solution | How To Remove Your Author Profile On Your Blogspot Homepage

Disable Your Author Profile On Your Blogger Homepage
If you link your Google plus profile as contributor to your blogspot for authorship and you enable "Dashboard -> Layout -> Blog Posts -> Edit -> Show Author Profile Below Post" it will show up your Google plus profile on every page, by default blogspot will show up your author profile on your homepage for every post, see the picture on the left. When they visit your homepage they repeatedly see your author profile for each post. But how to remove your author profile on your blogspot homepage?

If you do not want to appear your author profile or Google plus profile to your blogspot homepage then follow this step by step instruction. But before we continue, you need to back up your template first. In case you make a mistake in editing your template you can revert it. to back up your template go to your blogger dashboard -> Template -> Backup/Restore -> Download full template and save it anywhere you want.

Saturday, April 5, 2014

USB Tip | How To Disable USB Storage To Access On Your Computer

Secure Your Computer From Viruses Coming From USB Device
I want to share this USB Disabler, it is a small, simple yet powerful program. It has the ability to enable or disable USB storage access on your windows computer. If you have important files, Software, Games that you don't want to copy from computer to USB Mass Storage Device, this is the right for you.

Good to use with the internet shop, it will allow you to avoid your files from copying without your permission and it will avoid your files from stealing. So this is the effective way for the enthusiasts to copy your important files.

With this small utility in hand, you will be able to secure your computer from viruses coming from external USB flash drive. Also, it will keep you away from data thief and computer misused.

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Blogger Tip | How To Show Author Profile In Every Blogger Post

Show Author Profile Below Each Post
The author or writer of any blog in blogger is the main person who shares their great thought and idea. So it is not a bad idea if you add a section about author or writer profile in every blogger post . If you notice my blog, you've noticed that little information about the author is available in my every blog post or below each post, like picture on the left.

This feature was especially very useful for blogs, because it identifies the author and displays his author profile below each post. It is also helps to increase the credibility of an author or writer and for them to know the details about an author. This is great idea, you can share your information about yourself through that.

Monday, March 31, 2014

Blogger Tutorial | How To Setup Google Authorship For Your Blogspot

How To Appear Your Picture In Google Search Results
Some bloggers just knows it and others are wondering why some people’s faces are showing up in Google search results? How do they do that?

Google Authorship was introduced by Google a few years ago. But it is continues to growing up in popularity as Google continues to intertwine its search results with its other products.

What is the benefits of Google Authorship:

was created with the goal of allowing writers to claim their content, as well as allowing Google search engine users to find more relevant content written by the same writer. It also helps establish credibility of content for blogs or websites as well as authors. It's widely believed that Google Authorship is the first step toward verifying author identity, which will be used to calculate Author Rank and also Page Rank, which I believe is the future of Google's algorithm.

Friday, March 28, 2014

USB Solution | How To Repair USB Flash Drive Not Recognized In Windows

Fix your USB Flash Drive That Is Not Recognized Or Not Detected By Any Computer
As shown in previous post How to Fix USB flash drive unformattable or corrupted. But this time I will show you How to repair USB flash drive that is not recognized or not detected by any computer, in other word "gawk".

If you tried to repair it via software and registry tweaks and also you've tried to insert your USB Flash Drive to all your friend's computer and always came with the following error: USB Not Recognized (one of the USB devices attached to this computer has malfunctioned, and windows does not recognize it. For assistance in solving this problem, click this message).

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Browser Solution | How To Solve Mozilla Firefox Hangs, Freezes, Not Responding

Firefox Browser's Constantly Lagging And Not Responding Problem
While you're browsing the internet there are chances that you are experiencing some difficulties with Mozilla Firefox like hang, freezes, not responding or crashing. How about while you're downloading a big file without being able to resume and such a problem happened. Much time is wasted in downloading due to be rolled out again to start. I have tried clearing my cache and cookies. I have also tried to re-installing Mozilla Firefox and clean the registry error, but I failed to solve this kind of problem.

I've found many people are getting confusion on Mozilla Firefox hangs and crash, when a program hangs, it no longer accepts user input and does not seem to be performing any actions; a crash ends the program. Other terms for hanging are freezing or not responding.   A hanging program does not respond to your actions.

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Android Solution | How To Download APK Apps From Google Play Store On Your PC

APK Downloader For Your Android Phone
If you want to download apps or games for your android you need to use your own android phone to be able to download an APK on Google play store. But what if there is no internet connection for your android phone or you don't have WIFI router? So if you know how to download apk android apps or games from Google play store using computer. You'll be able download the apk apps or games from Google play store using your own computer or you can even do it on the internet shop. After you downloaded it, you can transfer it to your android phone using usb.

There are many software to download an APK Apps or Games from Google play store using your Computer. But many of them have paid or you need to buy to make a full version. But in this tutorial I will provide an APK Downloader website to be able to download an apk apps or games from Google play store using computer for free.