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Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Blogger Solution | How To Associate Blogspot Through Youtube Adsense

How To Associate Blogspot to Google Adsense Approved Through Youtube
It's really easy to get approved by Google Adsense through YouTube than apply Google adsense through blogspot. When you apply your blogger for Google adsense monetization it might takes several days to review your blogspot and when your blogger not pass through their quality guidelines and the other factor would be the result of disapproving your blogspot for the monetization. And if your blogspot have poor quality contents, it will disapprove immediately.

Before you apply to Google adsense through youtube you need to upload at least five videos and minimum of 200 views, make sure your videos is your own. And after that you can apply your youtube channel to google adsense. And wait for few hours to approve your adsense. After being approved you can connect your Google Adsense in your blogspot.