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Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Chrome Solution | How To Protect Your Saved Passwords In Google Chrome

Protect Your Saved Password In Google Chrome From Being Viewed
When you log in to the website for the first time it will ask you to save your username and password. So that the next time you log in, you don't need to fill it again. this option will activated once you click on Save Password.

Later on if you want to show your security passwords  and usernames for the specific website is just an easy. How about if you allow your friends to use your computer and if you do not track what they doing on your computer, they can easily view your security usernames and passwords for each specific website.

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Browser Solution | How To Solve Mozilla Firefox Hangs, Freezes, Not Responding

Firefox Browser's Constantly Lagging And Not Responding Problem
While you're browsing the internet there are chances that you are experiencing some difficulties with Mozilla Firefox like hang, freezes, not responding or crashing. How about while you're downloading a big file without being able to resume and such a problem happened. Much time is wasted in downloading due to be rolled out again to start. I have tried clearing my cache and cookies. I have also tried to re-installing Mozilla Firefox and clean the registry error, but I failed to solve this kind of problem.

I've found many people are getting confusion on Mozilla Firefox hangs and crash, when a program hangs, it no longer accepts user input and does not seem to be performing any actions; a crash ends the program. Other terms for hanging are freezing or not responding.   A hanging program does not respond to your actions.

Monday, March 17, 2014

Firefox Solution | How To Protect Your Saved Passwords In Mozilla FireFox

Protect From Viewing My Saved Passwords In Firefox
If you have saved your username and password in Firefox and allow your friends to use your computer. If you do not track your friends are doing on your computer, it can view your username and password to each specific website. The problem is that the Mozilla Firefox lets anyone to view all your high security passwords.

To view your security passwords and usernames, you need only to go to Tools > Options, in the Security tab click on Saved Passwords. After this, all your important passwords are visible to anyone with access to your computer.

But how to protect your saved passwords in Mozilla FireFox? In this Tutorial I will show you a very simple step to protect your saved usernames and passwords from being viewed or exposed.

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Browser Tip | How to Save your Firefox Bookmarks Online

Backup Your Firefox Bookmarks Online
As shown in previous post "How to Save your Google Chrome Bookmarks Online". But I post it separately because Google Chrome and firefox have different way to install add-on plugin and synchronization. Firefox has also ability to backup your bookmarks online but you need to create an account to firefox. If you backup your bookmarks online using build in firefox account. you cannot direct restore your bookmarks to other browser eg. Google Chrome.

So we need an add-on to make it works for different browsers. in other words if you have two browser like Google chrome and firefox, it will synchronize each other. If you have new bookmark on your firefox it will automatically synchronize to your Google Chrome bookmarks. or if you have a new bookmark on your google chrome it will synchronize also to your firefox bookmarks.

Browser Tip | How to Save your Google Chrome Bookmarks Online

Backup your Google Chrome bookmarks Online
If you have Important bookmarks on your browser, you need to backup it, because if you got an error or your system was corrupted, you cannot recover your important bookmarks. before happen it, you need to save your important bookmarks online. actually you can backup your bookmarks using google account, but in this case we cannot use our bookmarks on other browser. So we need to use other Add-ons Plugin or Extension.

The good thing is, if you save your bookmarks online you can use your bookmarks to another computer anywhere and everywhere and any browser. if you have new bookmark it will automatically Syncronize online.

Your bookmarks is private and you cannot share it online unless you give your account to someone..

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Multilogin Solution | How to Log Into Multiple Accounts On The Same Site Simultaneously

Multilogin using Google Chrome
It is important if you have Multiple account on the same site, eg. facebook. you can login 2 or more accounts in one browser. By default Google Chrome has only two account can be login on the same site by using "New Incognito Window". but if you have Multi Account or 3 or more account on the same site, you cannot use Incognito window because it will allow only two accounts on the same site.

So in this case we need an Extension to log into multi account.