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Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Blogger Solution | How To Associate Blogspot Through Youtube Adsense

How To Associate Blogspot to Google Adsense Approved Through Youtube
It's really easy to get approved by Google Adsense through YouTube than apply Google adsense through blogspot. When you apply your blogger for Google adsense monetization it might takes several days to review your blogspot and when your blogger not pass through their quality guidelines and the other factor would be the result of disapproving your blogspot for the monetization. And if your blogspot have poor quality contents, it will disapprove immediately.

Before you apply to Google adsense through youtube you need to upload at least five videos and minimum of 200 views, make sure your videos is your own. And after that you can apply your youtube channel to google adsense. And wait for few hours to approve your adsense. After being approved you can connect your Google Adsense in your blogspot.

Monday, April 7, 2014

Blogger Solution | How To Remove Your Author Profile On Your Blogspot Homepage

Disable Your Author Profile On Your Blogger Homepage
If you link your Google plus profile as contributor to your blogspot for authorship and you enable "Dashboard -> Layout -> Blog Posts -> Edit -> Show Author Profile Below Post" it will show up your Google plus profile on every page, by default blogspot will show up your author profile on your homepage for every post, see the picture on the left. When they visit your homepage they repeatedly see your author profile for each post. But how to remove your author profile on your blogspot homepage?

If you do not want to appear your author profile or Google plus profile to your blogspot homepage then follow this step by step instruction. But before we continue, you need to back up your template first. In case you make a mistake in editing your template you can revert it. to back up your template go to your blogger dashboard -> Template -> Backup/Restore -> Download full template and save it anywhere you want.

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Blogger Tip | How To Show Author Profile In Every Blogger Post

Show Author Profile Below Each Post
The author or writer of any blog in blogger is the main person who shares their great thought and idea. So it is not a bad idea if you add a section about author or writer profile in every blogger post . If you notice my blog, you've noticed that little information about the author is available in my every blog post or below each post, like picture on the left.

This feature was especially very useful for blogs, because it identifies the author and displays his author profile below each post. It is also helps to increase the credibility of an author or writer and for them to know the details about an author. This is great idea, you can share your information about yourself through that.

Monday, March 31, 2014

Blogger Tutorial | How To Setup Google Authorship For Your Blogspot

How To Appear Your Picture In Google Search Results
Some bloggers just knows it and others are wondering why some people’s faces are showing up in Google search results? How do they do that?

Google Authorship was introduced by Google a few years ago. But it is continues to growing up in popularity as Google continues to intertwine its search results with its other products.

What is the benefits of Google Authorship:

was created with the goal of allowing writers to claim their content, as well as allowing Google search engine users to find more relevant content written by the same writer. It also helps establish credibility of content for blogs or websites as well as authors. It's widely believed that Google Authorship is the first step toward verifying author identity, which will be used to calculate Author Rank and also Page Rank, which I believe is the future of Google's algorithm.

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Blogger Solution | How to Fix Image_url, blogid, postid is not a part of schema

Solution for Image_url, blogid, postid is not a part of schema
On this day I got new error to my blogspot when I extract data structure on my web page using webmaster structured data testing tool, it will test your Structured Data and also to ensure that Google can do extract data structure on your blog. It is also you see how your page preview in search results on google search engine. But how to fix this kind of error on Blogger structured data testing tool after you preview your blog using this tool? As shown in previous post How to fix Blogspot Error Missing required field updated, But this time we Fix Image_url, blogid, postid is not a part of schema.

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Blogger Solution | How to fix Blogspot Error Missing required field updated

Error Missing required field updated
On that day, I logging in to webmaster tool, and I checked if there is an error to my blog. i have found 8 errors on crawled then I fixed it, then I try to use Rich Snippet testing tool to check if my Authorship is working, I browse below then I notice there was an error like this "Error: Missing required field "Updated".

I was confuse on how to fix this Error, I Google it then i found the solution for wordpress only, but I am using blogger template, I continue reading it on how to fix it on wordpress, until i found this "post date" and add this "date updated" or

  • .<span class="post_date date updated"><?php the_time('j F,Y'); ?></span>
So in this Solution I got an Idea on how to apply it to Blogspot template. the problem is on timestamp or Published date.

Saturday, December 28, 2013

HOW TO MAKE YOUR OWN BLOG (step by step)

A blog originally was a personal website meant to be like a diary or journal. If you are familiar with Facebook or MySpace, these sites and their user pages are a derivative of blogs. The word blog is the shortened version of the word weblog. A person would usually create a blog as a hobby to share their information and experience on a particular subject. The blogs are designed to be very easy to add new entries to, so the information on blogs is updated much more frequently than a traditional site. As the blogger adds entries to the blog, the viewers can add comments to the entries, so the blog becomes an interactive site. If the blogger is interesting it does not take long for that blog to create quite a following.