Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Multilogin Solution | How to Log Into Multiple Accounts On The Same Site Simultaneously

Multilogin using Google Chrome
It is important if you have Multiple account on the same site, eg. facebook. you can login 2 or more accounts in one browser. By default Google Chrome has only two account can be login on the same site by using "New Incognito Window". but if you have Multi Account or 3 or more account on the same site, you cannot use Incognito window because it will allow only two accounts on the same site.

So in this case we need an Extension to log into multi account.

How to use? please follow the steps:
  1. Open your Google Chrome and go to Chrome Web Store by clicking here. then click "Free" button
    Multilogin using Google Chrome
  2. After you click Free button, it will check the browser compatibility. After that, another window will pop up just click on "Add" button. 
    Multilogin using Google Chrome
  3. Click the extension icon -> a new tab will open-> sign into another account. Right Click on the page-> duplicate page in new identity then login to another account. see the picture below.
    Multilogin using Google Chrome

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