Friday, January 10, 2014

How to setup dual wan CW-5354U router for two Wimax

this Tutorial I will Show you how to setup CW5354U CD r-king router for Two Wimax

First of All you need to Change your Wimax IP

for BM622
Wimax1 =
Wimax2 =

For BM622i no need to change IP for this modem

Make sure your Modem IP is not the same as Router IP to Avoid Login conflict,
and make sure your two modem ip is not the same ip also,

Now after you've changed your modems IP, Connect your router to your PC or laptop without connected modem to your router.(Only Router will connect to your pc)

Login to - if you dont know your router ip, pls read the manual.

enter username: admin
and password: admin

 go to Basic -> Network - here is the screenshot for my Setup

if you have multiple client connected to your router and you want to enable bandwidth for every connected client

go to QoS -> Basic Settings

for Outbound Rate / Limit (This is my Setup its up to you if you want to change it)

for Inbound Limit (This is my Setup its up to you if you want to change it)

go to QoS -> Classification we need to modified the Outbound Direction

as you can see on my setup i set it to lowest because it is my wifi, so that other cellphone connected to this wifi could not interfere to my main connection.

this is my main computer, i set it to high connection  for downloading!

Now Turn off your router or unplug it, Put your wimax1 to wan 1 of router and Wimax2 for wan 2 of router.
turn on your router and two wimax, connect your router to your pc and try to connect to the internet.

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