Thursday, January 30, 2014

Windows Tutorial | How to Create Windows XP Bootable USB

Windows XP Boot from USB
As shown in previous post How to Create Windows 7 Bootable USB but the problem is Windows7-USB-DVD-tool is not compatible to Windows XP. Microsoft has not made a USB install tool for XP similar to the Windows 7 USB install tool. So I created this tutorial for those who asking me on how to make Windows XP Bootable USB. There are many software can you use to create a bootable USB, But this one tried and tested by me!!

Requirements to make a Windows Bootable USB:
  1. A Copy of any Microsoft Windows XP Disk Image ISO File. if you don't know how to create an ISO image check this How to Create an ISO Image from CD/DVD
  2. USB Flash Drive 1 Gigabyte or Higher.
  3. Create bootable USB drives using Rufus v1.4.3
Step by Step Tutorial on How to Create Bootable USB:
  1. Insert you USB Drive to your Computer USB port.
  2. Download and Run Rufus v1.4.3 
    Windows XP Boot from USB
  3. On Rufus 1. Select your USB Device. 2. Create a bootable disk using: "ISO Image" see the picture below: 
    Windows XP Boot from USB
  4. On the right side of "ISO Image" click Browse and navigate to Windows ISO Image folder.
    Windows XP Boot from USB
  5. Select Windows ISO Image then click "Open"
    Windows XP Boot from USB
  6. Click "Start"
    Windows XP Boot from USB
  7. Another Window will popup like this "WARNING: ALL DATA ON DEVICE WILL BE DESTROYED" just click "Ok"
    Windows XP Boot from USB
  8. It will begin to extract an ISO Image to your USB Device. It will takes several minutes, an Hour or 2 depend on your Computer speed.
    Windows XP Boot from USB
  9. Just wait until it finish, See the image below. then click "Close"
    Windows XP Boot from USB
  10. Unplug your USB Device. Congratulation you have now a bootable USB and ready to use to format your PC. If you don't know how to format your Computer? check this How to Format a Computer to Windows XP Step by Step

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