Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Windows Tip | How to Backup Windows OS Installation Disk

backup your Original OS
If you have an Original Windows OS from CD and you want to backup it for security reason. You do not to worry, even if your CD/DVD was corrupted or you lose, because you have a Backup on your Computer or Harddisk. In this Tutorial I Will Show you step by step on how to backup your Original OS.

Things that we need:
  1. Computer with CD/DVD Rom
  2. UltraISO if you don't have download here the trial version.
  3. Windows OS Installation Disk
Let's Start on How to Backup your Original OS from your CD/DVD.
  1. Install UltraISO to your Computer.
  2. Insert your CD/DVD on your DVD rom Drives.
    backup your Original OS
  3. Open UltraISO and Click "Tools"
    backup your Original OS
  4. Click "Make CD/DVD Image.." or press F8.
    backup your Original OS
  5. 1. choose your CD/DVD rom Drives, 2. browse where you want to save your Backup ISO, eg. D:\mybackup\. 3. After you setup click "Make" button. 
    backup your Original OS
  6. Just wait until it finish. 
    backup your Original OS
  7. After finished. click "No". now you have a backup.

How to burn Your Backup OS to CD/DVD?
  1. Insert Blank CD/DVD to your DVD Writer.
  2. Open UltraISO and Click CD/DVD Image see the photo below, or click F7 to your keyboard.
    backup your Original OS
  3. Click on Write Speed see the photo below, set it to minimum Speed Available to avoid an error during Burning.
    backup your Original OS
  4. Click Browse and navigate where your Backup was save.
    backup your Original OS
  5. Select your Backup ISO then Click Open.
    backup your Original OS
  6. Then Click "Burn". Wait until it finish. After burned Successful, your CD/DVD will Automatically Eject.

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