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Windows Tutorial | How to Boot a Computer from USB Without Bios Support

Older Bios Boot From USB
As shown in previous post How to Boot Computer From USB even if the Bios Doesn't Support it. But someone ask me on How to boot an old PC from USB without bios support and the Operating System cannot load properly or Operating System was Corrupted. so in this case we cannot run the InstallToBootMenu.bat.

Important things that you need:
  1. Computer with Floppy Disk (good condition) - this computer where want to setup a floppy disk.
  2. USB Flash drive.
  3. Operating System eg. Windows XP
  4. Floppy Disk
  5. Blank CD (Optional) - If you are using Floppy Disk, Blank CD is not needed.
  6.  RawWrite for Windows Download here Extract any where you want.
Burn your Operating System to your USB Flash Drive, Check here on How to Create Windows XP Bootable USB

here we go, Boot From a USB Drive Even if your BIOS Won’t Let You And your OS was Corrupted:
  1. Download PLoP Boot manager here
  2. Extract any where you want, eg. C:\plpbt-5.x.xx
  3. Insert your Floppy Disk to Floppy Disk Drive.
  4. Open and Run rawwritewin.exe.
    Older Bios Boot From USB
  5. Click Browse and navigate to PLoP Boot manager folder.
    Older Bios Boot From USB
  6. Open plpbt.img
    Older Bios Boot From USB
  7. Click Write. The plpbt.img will be written onto the floppy.
    Older Bios Boot From USB
  8. Once the write is complete, eject the floppy.  You are ready to boot!
  9. Open up your PC and press DEL (delete) to enter bios setup. Normally delete(DEL) is pressed to enter the BIOS setup, but sometimes there is also ESC or F1 or F2 or F10.
  10. On your Bios Setup, change your first boot device to Floppy Drives.
    Older Bios Boot From USB
  11. Save the changes you have made Press F10 or ​​see the bottom of the screen shows what the press to save your bios setting.
  12. Insert your Floppy Disk, Also insert the USB Flash drive and reboot your Computer.
  13. All being well, you will be presented with the following menu:
    Older Bios Boot From USB
  14. Using the arrow keys scroll down to USB and hit Enter.
  15. The old Computer will now boot from the USB device.
  16. Check here on How to Format your PC.
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