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Android Tutorial | Universal Rooting Tool Almost Any Android Phone

Rooting your Android Phone
 As of today There are many different types of android phones started reaching the markets Like China / Clone, Branded and Local. But our tool for rooting is Limited only for Branded Android Phone. but now we have Universal Rooting tool for any kind of Android Phone. thanks for the Developer of this Tool.

Be an Administrator of your own PHONE. Do not limit your access! So lets Start

The main disadvantages of Rooting are:

Rooting immediately voids phone’s warranty status. Once user root his/her phone the warrant provided by the phone company is completely voided. So, please don’t try to root you android phone when in warrant because when we root our phone these is probability of bricking of phone which is described below.

One of the main reasons of not rooting your Android device is the risk of “bricking”. Bricking of device means screwing up of phone software so badly that phone can no longer able to perform its function and phone becomes as unusable as brick. As warranty is also voided with rooting then you have to purchase new device.

There is an additional risk of unknowingly installing malicious software when you try to root your Android device. As the software provided to us are main by different developers then can install different unwanted programs to you phone keeping you unknown of that. Although malicious software on the rooted phone has not really been a problem yet but it can be in future.

Though the intention of “rooting” of mobile phone is to enhance the performance of Android device. Many times user had found that there device had lost both performance speed as well as features. Remember that when you “root” your Android phone, you are making changes to the stock OS.

The main advantages of rooting:

Custom Software (Rom’s)
A “ROM (Read Only Memory)” is the software that runs your devices. In market there are many great custom ROM’s available that can make your Android device look as well as perform very different. You can easily upgrade you Android to newer versions manually. With the help of this custom ROM, user can load newest available Android Versions. There are many custom ROM’s available from which you can easly choose the beat one which suits your needs the best. The best place where you can get customized ROM is XDA Developer forms and you can also search on Google.

Custom themes
Themes are the graphics that appears in your android device. After rooting your Android device you can fully customize the theme of your android device. You can load custom themes available free on internet to give your Device a free look.

Android version
As mentioned earlier in the ROM section. After rooting your device, you can easily upgrade your android version to latest Android version before they are officially released on that device. The feature is good for those people who want to stay up-to-date in technology. It also help outdated devices which no longer being updated by the manufacturer of the device.

Other features
Memory- It is very helpful for devices with low internal space like Samsung’s galaxy y as after rooting Android device we can easily use our memory card to increase internal space of our mobile phone. More the internal space more we can play or download apps on our device.
Additional features-Many features are locked or not available in unrooted phone. After rooting android phone user gets the ability to unlock many features. One of the best example is of Wi-Fi threading. It also lets you run a special app that runs only on rooted phone named “Superuser” that lets you control which app have access to the root system.

You are One Step away ...

NOTE: Effective to use for Local Brand Android Phones and China Brand Phones (imitations and clone Android phones).

STEP by STEP Instruction:

You Need:

- Computer
- Your Android Phone/Tablet with USB connector
- Rooting Tool Apps
1. First you need to download a Driver here to be able to detect your Android Phone by your PC.

  • First you need to set your Android Phone to "USB DEBUGGING" Go to Developers Options > SETTINGS then Check "USB DEBUGGING".
  • Then Connect your Android Phone Using your USB Connector.
  • There will a pop up window asking to Install the Driver.
  • Extract your Downloaded Driver to Desktop using WinRar after Extraction Just Close the WinRar.
  • Then in the pop up window asking to Install the Driver Just Click Next Button, then click the browse option, then go to Desktop where your Driver was Extracted the Install on your PC.
2. After the Successful Installation of the Driver. Next we need to Dowload the VROOT App, or here Mirror
  • Just click the GREEN Button below at the Right Bottom Corner.
  • It will load for Minutes (no exact time-frame).
  • Then Click "ROOT" it will load for minutes.
  • Then after a Successful ROOTING of your Phone, As you Notice your Android Phone will Automatic REBOOT. Then after that disable USB debugging.
3. Please note that a Chinese SuperSU will be installed on your Android phone as part of Rooting Process. to be able to change to English Language you need to download SuperSU.

PLEASE TAKE NOTE: You can install the app SuperSU ROOT before or After REBOOT.

SUGGESTION: It would be better to install SuperSU or SuperSU v1.30 before start rooting PROCESS to automatically become English Version.

As Easy as ONE... TWO.. THREE... Your Android phone is Successfully ROOTED !!! .

How to know if our Phone was rooted? Simply Install root checker to verify your ACCESS.

Be Warned: After rooting the phone, you have complete control over your phone. You are a Superuser now. Since you could change most parts of your system, you are at a even greater risk of bricking your phone. Always make a backup of your phone with a Custom Recovery before you start experimenting with your folders. Be responsible. Be Safe.

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