Wednesday, December 25, 2013

NTLDR Missing Solution - for Windows XP

NTLDR is Missing! big ?
When do you see it, what do you do?

Many of us enthusiasts really use Cracked Softwares, and sometime leads us to Reformat
our PCs .. I was Tried and tested this Solution for almost 4 years, Note this is for windows XP or later do not apply this on Win 7 or higher. 

well, let's find some remedy.

2. NTLDR (system file)
These three files got lost when Cracked Software attact our PC's System, specifically the HWKKiller21b and etc. Why? It's simply because, such kind of Software usually accompanied with viruses.
To retrieve these three Files, all you need is to make a copy of the following File:  


After grabbing the NTLDR Fixer and burned it into a CD, now you're having your very owned special armor for this too big ?.

To troubleshoot:
Bootup your PC into a CD Drive and you will be given10 tries, it depends on you OS.
Make your first move at 1, until your PC starts up.
Now, open your CD Drive where FIXNTLDR can be found and copy the following files into C:\


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